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    ويندوز 8.1 نسخة جديدة مخففة للأجهزة الضعيفة وبحجم 700 ميجا مع اهم البرامج المهمة | Windows 8.1 Pro Super Lite

    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته متابعي تيك باند الكرام، بعد نجاح ويندوز 10 النسخة المخففة التي نشرنها علي مدونتنا وحازت علي اعجاب الكثير من الناس فاليوم احضرت لكم ويندوز 8.1 مخففة لتعمل علي الاجهزة الضعيفة وبحجم صغير جدا مقارنة بالويندوز الكاملة فهي حجمها 700 ميجا فقط اي بحجم ويندوز XP القديمة وذلك بسبب ازالة منها بعض الاضافات الغير هامة لتعمل علي الاجهزة الضعيفة واليك التفاصيل اسفل.
    Name :- Windows 8.1 Super Lite
    size :- 702 MB​

    Architecture :- 32bit​

    Language :- English Only​

    Author :- Talha Zameer & Armaan Ali​

    Activation :- Actived With KMS​

    System requirements :
    • Processor: 1 GHz or more.
    • RAM: 1 GB or more.
    • Free space on hard disk: 16 GB or more
    • Graphics card: graphics device Microsoft DirectX 9 or newer version.
    • Additional requirements to use certain features
    • To use the touch features require a tablet or monitor that supports multi-touch
    • To access the Windows Store to download and run applications that require an active Internet connection and a screen
    resolution of at least 1024 x 768 pixels.

    Additional Requirement to use certain features:
    *To use touch, you need a tablet or a monitor that supports multitouch.
    *To access the Windows Store and to download and rub apps, you need an active interntet connection and a screen resolution of
    at least 1024*768
    *To snap apps, you need a screen resolution ofat least 1366*768


    -Fix Sysprep
    -Fix error khi install msi files
    -Fix no sound in CrossFire & some music apps from Store
    -Fix crash to desktop khi ModernUI games open
    -Keep Windows Media Player
    -Enabled DirectPlay for some old games

    -Non-latin fonts
    -All languages except EN-US
    -Driver of printer & scanner (can reinstall later)
    -All except ModernUI Apps Store & Internet Explorer
    -Direct Play
    -Printing – LPR & LPD
    -Simple Network Management Protocol
    -Simple TCP
    -TIFF IFilter
    -Trivial File Transfer Protocol
    -Windows Defender
    -xPS Viewer & Printer
    -Anytime Upgrade
    -Auto Play
    -Disk Space Cleaner
    -Help and Support
    -Input Method Editor
    -Natural Languages
    -Recovery Drive Creator
    -Sound Recorder
    -spell Checking
    -Steps Recorder
    -Tablet PC
    -Windows Easy Transfer
    -Windows Recovery Environment
    -Windows Mail
    -Remote Desktop
    -Windows Optical Character Recognition
    -Windows PlayTo
    -BitLocker Drive Encryption
    -file History
    -offline Files
    -Quality Windows Audio Video Experience
    -Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel
    -Windows Error Reporting
    -Windows Indexing

    Soft’s Application :

    1.VLC Player
    2.USB Disk Secuirty
    3.IDM 6.27 Build 5

    صور من داخل الويندوز.


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